Code of Conduct

a) Disciplinary action may be taken against any player, member or team while either playing in the local competition or representatively, from reports or complaints of unacceptable behaviour received by the Wellington Softball Association.

b) All players and officials shall take positive steps to maintain the high reputation of the game of Softball.

c) The Code shall apply to persons from the Wellington Softball Association whilst associated with or playing in any Wellington Representative teams or any teams affiliated to the Wellington Softball Association.

d) Unacceptable behaviour includes any conduct in breach of the following rules:

  • Players must not assault, or attempt an assault or otherwise threaten any player, umpire, official or spectator.
  • Players must not abuse or dispute, as distinct from question, an umpire's decision, or react in an obvious provocative or disapproving manner following an umpiring decision.
  • Players must not use abusive language.
  • Players must not use crude or abusive hand signals.

e) Note: Before reporting any player for the above type of behaviour an umpire, acting either on his/her own volition or on a complaint from another player, would be expected to have first cautioned the player and to have advised that player's captain of his/her concern. A player, before reporting any other player, would be expected to have firstly lodged an initial complaint with the umpire.

f) Smoking and drinking alcohol on the field of play is always prohibited and this applies to player/umpires whilst they are officiating.

g) Players must not engage in public acts of misconduct or unruly public behaviour whilst representing Wellington or their Club