We currently have 13 Junior Clubs playing a range of age grades throught out the Wellington Region.

  • Under 7 Tee Sox 
  • Under 9 Rookie Sox - Tee Ball
  • Under 9 Rookie Sox - Mini Pitch
  • Under 11 Rookie Sox (UPM and softball)
  • Under 13 Developing Sox (softball)
  • Under 15 Developing Sox (softball)

If you are looking for a junior team to play for please click on the Junior Club Contacts to find the club that is in your area.


    In the event of bad weather the cancellation process is as follows:

    • 9am and 10.30am games will be cancelled at 7am.
    • Cancellations will also be posted on the WSA facebook page.
    • All Junior Convenors will be notified by text at 7am if there are cancellations.
    • If there are no cancellations and the weather is still grim at game time,  games will be called at the diamond by the allocated umpire.  
    • Please sign up to the free sporty app (see the home page) to receive all notifications direct to your phone.

    Key Dates

    Junior Start Date

    • 29th October 2022

    Pre-Christmas Last playing date

    • 17th December 2022

    Post-Christmas Start

    • 28th January 2023

    Colin Ward Tournament

    • TBC

    U13 Rookie Sox Tournament

    • TBC

    Junior Season Finish

    • 25th March 2023