If you want to become an umpire or wish to learn the rules of the game please contact WSA or Jeremy England our umpire co-ordinator on

If you feel you know the rules well enough to call the game, give us your handy eye.  Umpires get full kit and accreditation to be a NNZ official.  If you think you know where the"strike-zone" is.  Contact, Jermey, Wiremu - the boys in blue!

They are keen to come to teams or clubs prior to the season to give you some tips or help out young young ones who are keen to get behind the mask!

2023 Orange Shirt Program

​When: Wednesday, 4 Oct - Theory Session (6:30pm-8:00pm)

Sunday, 8 Oct - On-Field Practical Session (10:00am-12:00pm)

Where: Tawa Clubrooms, Redwood Park

Registration: CLICK HERE


​Every team needs a scorer.  If you would like to learn how to work out your batting average or just the normal statistics of the game speak to Raewyn Fergusson - our chief scorer.

She runs sessions during the season and offers her valuable time to any one wishing to take this on.  if clubs want to run the "basics in scoring" have her come to a 30 minute session.

Beginners Guide to Scoring Manual

Raewyn Fergusson
Mobile: 64 274 502 220


SNZ Rule Book 2018-2021 

​​​​​​​Sec. 2. APPEAL PLAY.


  • A live or dead ball appeal is a play or situation on which an umpire cannot make a decision unless requested by a manager, coach or player of the non-offending team.
  • A coach or manager may only make a dead ball appeal and only after stepping onto the playing field.
  • If made by a fielder, the fielder must be in the infield when making the appeal.
  • The appeal may not be made after any one of the following has occurred.
  • A legal pitch has been thrown or an illegal pitch has been called.

EXCEPTION: 1. An appeal for the use of an Illegal Substitute, Illegal Re-entry, a Replacement Player or Withdrawn Player (either leaving or returning to the line-up under the Replacement Player Rule) and not reporting to the umpire can be made anytime while such player is still in the game.

EXCEPTION: 2. An appeal for runners switching positions on the bases they occupied may be made any time until all such runners are in the dugout or the half inning is over.

a. The pitcher and all defensive players have left fair territory; or

b. The umpires have left the field of play following the last play of the game.

These are the types of appeals:

a. Missing a base

b. Leaving a base on a caught fly ball before the ball is first touched

c. Batting out-of-order

d. Attempting to advance to second base after making a turn at first base

e. Illegal substitutions

f. The use of unannounced players under the Replacement Player Rule

g. Illegal re-entry

h. The use of unannounced players under the Designated Player Rule

i. Runners switching positions on the bases they occupied.