Who will you be coaching?

Development Coaches support a wider range of participants including the young people who continue in organised sport through secondary school students in both the school and club setting. This includes U11 Rookie Sox, U13 Developing Sox, U15 Developing Sox club players and those juniors developing to play at an Association or national age grade level. Development Coaches also teach adults who play and enjoy organised Softball in a non-elite environment.

Who are you?

Development Coaches can come from anywhere – it’s not about ‘who’ you are but rather whether they understand and care about the development of young people and adult non-elite participants in sport.  

The Ideal Coach

The ideal Development Coach will:

  • Nurture a love of multiple sports
  • Focus on skill development and decision making
  • Understand the needs of youth and adult non-elite participants
  • Reinforce ethical approaches to sport and recreation
  • Provide for participant’s needs and aspirations
  • Understand that they are in the business of creating not only better athletes, but better people
  • Have a sense of working in a wider coaching community with similar goals.

​​​​​​​Check out the specific programmes 

Development Coaches - Coaching modules

All Development Coaches are required to complete the Online Foundation Phase Coaching Modules.

There are three phases in this online coaching module:

  1. Safe As
    • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Help to identify how to keep you and your players safe.
  2. Induction Unit
    • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​An introduction to coaching at any level. 

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In addition to this there are other modules that are delivered online 

  1. Hitting and the short game - Topics covered will include the basics of Bat Selection; Hitting Fundamentals; Tracking & Pitch Selection; Fault Correction; Slump Busting; Bunting: Sacrifice, Fake, Squeeze, Push, Slap, Surprise & Drag Bunting; Slap Hitting & Practice Organisation.
  2. Pitching Mechanics and Rules - This is a chance to improve your basic knowledge on the skill of pitching.  
  3. Fielding and throwing - Topics covered will include the ready position; fielding ground & fly balls; foot movement; communication; backing up; relays; double plays; double play pivots; throwing mechanics; side arm throw; underhand & back hand flicks & drills.
  4. Catching - Topics covered will include the basics of equipment use; set up; positioning; signals; receiving; framing; blocking; throwing; pick offs; tagging; fielding-pass balls, bunts, pop flies; base cover; strategy; leadership; communication; working with umpires & game knowledge. Participants are asked to bring a ball and mitt (or glove) and be prepared to engage in some physical activity.
  5. Baserunning and sliding - This course will focus on the basics of good base running and sliding with special emphasis on the need to be aggressive. This module will cover the fundamentals of sliding along with several advanced options. The following slides will be taught to helping base runners avoid the tag:Bent leg Pop up Head first Hook Retreat Back door.
  6. On and off field strength and conditioning - After completing this module, you will be able to; Understand how to structure a strength and conditioning plan specific to softball, Understand the relevance of endurance and power to softball, Understand how endurance relates to pitchers and Understand the importance of recover.​​​​​​​