WEEK 7 - 8

Week Seven

Have enough equipment to keep everyone engaged.  Have fun!

Warm up - Tails (see icoach video)

Purpose - fast feet and spacial awareness

Everyone tucks a piece of material in the back of their pants (tail). Set the bases up and this is the boundary’s On Go, each player can try to get as many tails from the other players as they can. They then tuck the tails into the pants. Players with the most tails at the end of 1 minute wins. Go through again, make sure everyone starts with a tail.

Hoop hopper

Purpose - To keep the throw nice and low and aiming

Players get into pairs and form a circle around one hoop in the middle of each pair. One ball per pair. Players have turns throwing the ball and trying to bounce the ball into the hoop on the full. The ball should go directly across towards their partner who will be in the Monkeys Ready position to field the ball.

Key phrases:  nose, toes, throws; monkeys ready, crocodile snaps

Number ball

Purpose - To help players be ready to catch the ball

Set the hoop with two balls in the middle of two lines. Place cones as markers down each line for each player. Number each player in each line. When the coach calls out a number, that person has to run to get their ball from the hoop and then return to their line and lob the ball to each person in their line as they move down the line. First player to pass to all their players and then return the ball to the hoop wins. Make sure all players have a turn at collecting the ball from the hoop.

Key phrases:  pinkies together, thumbs together, move feet

Week Eight

Warm up - Seaweed

Purpose - fast feet and spacial awareness

One line of players who are aiming to run to the opposite end without being tagged. Two taggers (or more depending on group size) The taggers can run anywhere in the space set out. Once tagged players must stay in that spot and are seaweed that can stretch out and try to tag other runners going past them. Change taggers regularly

Mama bird

Purpose - To help players watch the ball all the way into their hands. Works on Hand-Eye coordination

Players are in pairs and start 2 meters away from each other. One player with a tall cone (the mama bird) and the other player with the ball (mama birds egg). Players lob the egg towards the mama bird to catch in the cone. Ensure mama uses two hands on the cone. Once players can successfully catch the egg they can move back another meter. Swap over the mama birds

Key phrases: Hands together Watch the ball all the way in to the cone Move feet

Sneak sneak show

Purpose - To encourage players to be ready to field the ball before it comes

Similar to What’s the Time Mr Wolf. Players line up on a line facing the coach. The coach faces away from the players and calls out “Sneak Sneak” the players will take one step for each ‘Sneak’. The coach will turn to face the players and call ‘Show’. The players will get into the ready position and ‘show’ their palms or inside of their gloves to the coach. Coach turns around and repeats the above. Once the players are familiar with moving their feet forward and being in the Monkeys Ready position, the coach can start randomly rolling a ball to players to see if they are ready.

Key words:  move your feet, monkeys ready, show your palms