Please refer to the Junior Competition Guidelines for all rules.


Under 11 Softball presents the first opportunity for junior players to experience the “pitched ball”. It is also the first experience for the catcher to work with a pitcher. It is important that this first experience is positive and that players continue to learn the skills of the game.

Coaches to discuss prior to the game starting who will be pitching (coach or player pitch)

• Pitchers shall pitch from the 10m mark.

• Pitchers will pitch one innings each. They can come back to pitch alternate innings.

• When all bases are occupied and ball four (4) is delivered to the current batter OR if the current batter is hit by a pitch delivered by the defensive team’s pitcher.

        a. The offensive Manager/ Coach will pitch up to three (3) pitches from inside the pitching circle with one (1) foot on the pitching plate.

        b. If the third (3rd) pitch is fouled the batter will continue at bat until the pitch is missed or put into play.

       c. If player is hit by coach pitch that pitch will not be counted as one (1) or the three (3) allotted pitches.


The games are played in "hubs".  Either the Southern Hub (south of The Terrace Tunnel) or Central Hub (north of the Terrace Tunnel).

There are two time slots for this grade - 9.00am and 10.30am so please refer to the draw. 

The Programme

  • All teams will be encouraged and supported to incorporate a 15-minute Pitching/Catching training component in all trainings.
  • 1-hour and 15-minute Game
    • Under 11 Score Books available to download

This programme will promote full participation and inclusion of all players rotating around all the positions and giving all players equal opportunities to play and develop their skills.