How does the Programme look on Game Day?


  • Teams will be put in the draw and the team you are going to play in the draw is the team you will join with to do the drills together.
  • These two teams will rotate together through the two drills and then come back to their home diamond for their game to finish.
  • Teams of 6 -8 to enforce more touches (turns).​​​​​​​


  • There will be an even number of stations.
    • In the event of an uneven number of stations we will have two teams stay at the same diamond and each coach will do a drill each.
  • There will only be 2 drills worked on each week. The teams will rotate between two stations only.


  • Each week coaches will be rostered on (in advance) as to which stations they will be at and what drill they will be doing for the day.
  • The roster will rotate every week so coaches will coach at a station one week, then participate with their team the following week.
  • This is to ensure that coaches are being exposed to other coaches and can pick up good things that they see from other coaches. It also means the players are experiencing different voices with the same messages.


  • Games are as what is in the draw.
  • No scores are recorded.
  • Player Rotation sheets are provided to help with the position rotation around the field.
  • You use your initial fielding line up as your batting line up
  • Bat through the order
  • Games should go for 20 – 30 minutes max or up to 6 innings


  • Most station equipment will be supplied in the gear bag at each hub.
  • Bases and batting tee’s may be required for some of the drills and warm ups.
  • All Station Equipment must be returned to the gear bag once the games have been completed.