Intercity Premier 1 Men

  • 7th October 2023

Intercity All other Premier Grades

  • 7th October 2023

Wellington Senior/Junior Grades

  • 28th October 2023​​​​​​​


The Premier Competition is an Intercity Competition. For more details please click here to go to the Intercity Website.

Game Times - 1:00 pm & 3:30 pm

Intercity Umpire Duties

Premier 1 and Under 17s/Under 19s  games will be allocated official blues to umpire their games.

Premier Reserve Mens, Premier 2 Mens/Womens, and Premier 3 Mens games will have another Premier team allocated to umpire their games. This isnt possible for all games. Where games dont have another Premier teams allocated to umpire, its up to the home team to organize their own umpire. 

Intercity Competition - Under 19

The Under 19 Competition is an Intercity Competition. For more details please view the 'Intercity Competition Formats Document'. 


All senior teams compete in the Wellington Compeititon on Saturday afternoons.

Game Times - 1.15 pm & 3.15 pm

Senior Social Umpire Duties

Senior games will be allocated after eachother to allow teams to umpire eachother. This isnt possible for every game. Where teams dont have a game scheduled before/after, its up to the home team to organize their own umpire for the game.  



In the even of bad weather the cancellation process is as follows:

  • 9am and 10.30am games will be cancelled at 7am.
  • 1.00pm games will be cancelled at 11am.
  • 3.30pm games will be cancelled at 1pm.

Cancellations will also be posted on the WSA facebook page & website. Push notifications will be sent via the Wellington Softball APP.

Rained out games will be allocated to the next available catch up Sunday.  

Catch Up days 

Pre Christmas

•      Sunday 29th October 2023

•      Sunday 12 November 2023

•      Sunday 3rd December 2023

Post Christmas

•      Sunday 11th February 2024

•      Sunday 25th February 2024

•      Saturday 23rd March (Finals back-up day)

If there are no cancellations and the weather is still grim at game time,  games will be called at the diamond by the allocated umpire.  ​​​​​​

In the event of some games are played and others rained out (excluding premier one) due to umpire call - the above will apply.  Rained out - split points.  Games played - winner takes the points.