Competition Queries

All written communications regarding the competition should be emailed to via your club secretary / contact person.

Any request for exemption to playing by-laws or rules must be on club letterhead, addressed to the WSA Executive Committee and confirmation given that the request has been ratified by the club committee.  The WSA Executive Committee's ruling is binding as set out in the Wellington Softball Association Constitution.  

Requests for alteratiions to the draw (grounds or times) will not be actioned unless in exceptional circumstances.  Teams are welcome to liaise with their opposition (with the exception of premier grades) to request a change but the game must be played within 7 days.  If the game is not played, then the team requesting the change is deemed to have defaulted and the opposition will be awarded a 7-0 win.

Link to the Softball New Zealand 2022-2025 Playing Rules


Refer to Section 9 of the WSA By-Laws.

  • Club to club - the player transfer form must be completed by all parties and submitted to the WSA Office.  The transfer will not be cleared until the form is submitted and the fee paid.  The player may not take the field untill clearance is provided.  
  • Inter-Association transfer - The SNZ form should be completed and lodged with the WSA Office.  The player may not take the field untill clearance is provided.
  • International clearances - All players wishing to play overseas or returning from overseas to play in NZ must ensure that the international clearance form is completed and lodged with the WSA Office prior to taking the field.

All transfers are recorded here

Team Dispensations

Refer to Section 5 of the WSA By-Laws. 

A team dispensation is a request to change the game date / time for a specific reason.  Dispensations will only be approved in the following circumstances

i. Any three (3) players from one team are called to represent the Wellington Softball Association at Inter-Provincial Tournaments or attend training camps or national duties.

ii. SNZ National Representative Tournaments

iii. SNZ Open Club Championships

Game Deferments

Teams under Premier One may request a game deferment for other reasons from the opposition.  The opposition team is under no obligation to agree.  The game must be played within seven days at a date / time agreed by both parties.  If the game does not go ahead then the opposition team will be deemed the winner and will have won the game 7-0.

Player Dispensation

A Player Dispensation is a request for an exemption to a playing rule.  These requests must be forwarded to  for tabling to the Executive Committee for approval.  The WSA by-laws must be adhered to until the WSA Executive advise of the outcome.   Dispensations will be recorded in the WSA minutes.