All your scoring resources can be found here.

WSA have developed fun and friendly Junior Score Books for all new and developing junior scorers.

These have been designed to provide information and guidlelines that are specific and relevant to the grade they are scoring.

Please read the Junior Scoring Programme for more information.

Tee Sox Under 9

Beginners Basic Fundamentals

  1. Know where the bases are in relation to the diamond.
  2. Draw the base advances of each player.
  3. Mark the Outs using numbers.
  4. Keep track of who is hitting and where they are on the bases.

Rookie Sox Under 11

Advanced Basic Fundamentals

  1. Beginners Basic Fundamentals
  2. Understand the position numbers on the field.
  3. Understand what a Force Play is.
  4. Mark where the batter hit the ball
  5. Record the score after each innings.
  6. Follow the Learners Plate

Rookie Sox Under 13

Basic Scoring

  1. Beginners and Advanced Basic Fundamentals
  2. Know the basic Outs such as K, F, Put Outs e.g 63 and also BB
  3. Understand the symbols for a safe hit, double, triple and home run
  4. Record the players shirt numbers
  5. Close off the innings

Emerging Sox Under 13 and Major Sox Senior Club Softball

Intermediate Scoring

  1. Basic Scoring
  2. Recording Balls, Strikes and Fouls
  3. Recognise Errors and recording them appropriately.
  4. Record batting numbers
  5. Record Stolen Bases
  6. Understand a Sacrifice Hit and Fielders Choice
  7. Follow the SNZ Basic Scorers Manual

Emerging Sox Under 13 and Major Sox Premier Club Softball

Advanced Scoring

  1. Follow the SNZ Scorers Manual
  2. Aiming for SNZ Scoring Accreditations