When are player and team registrations due?

To ensure that the draw can be published two weeks ahead of the first playing Saturday, all team registrations are due by 18 September. Any requests for team changes (i.e. names changes, withdrawals or additions) will incur an admin fee which is required to be paid when the request is lodged.  

When do I need to complete a player transfer form?

If you are transferring between clubs within your home association then complete the transfer form.  If you're transferring between Associations complete the inter-association transfer form.  The forms must be lodged and the fee paid (if applicable) ahead of the player taking the field.

How come we're not playing alternate home and away games?

We need to juggle grounds due to availability of grounds, umpire allocations and approved deferments which makes it extremely difficult to allocate this way.  The goal is ensure that teams have as even number as possible of home and away games throughout the season. 

We've played XYZ team twice at their home ground -why isn't the game at our home ground?

See answer above.

We want our Premier Reserve/Premier 2 team to play before us - change the draw for this.

The draw will not be changed for these types of requests as it impacts upon the home and away games for other teams.

Could you change our game to XX time or XX date or XX ground?

A team dispensation will be granted for teams who are attending a SNZ approved tournament or if three or more players are involved in a representative team or a national squad. Refer to the dispensation tab under the resources tab.

Outside of this, the draw will not be changed as it means changing the fixtures for other teams to accommodate.  If there is an exceptional circumstance then a request will be considered if lodged at least two weeks ahead of of the scheduled game time. 

Teams below Premier One may request a deferment from the opposing team but the game must be played within 7 days of the original date.  If not, this will be considered a default and the opposing team will win 7-0.

We have an over-age player that we want to include in the U19 team.  Can we do this?

A dispensation form must be completed and sent to the competition administrator.  If approved, the player may not play as a pitcher or catcher.