Parent resources

Here at Wellington Softball we want softball to be a sport for life. One that evolves as it needs to, is enjoyed by all those who connect with the game in any capacity and is characterised by success.

As players, coaches, administrators and officials we are all tasked with working together to enable Kiwis to participate in softball in whatever way they choose and to have a great time doing so to ensure that they stay involved and get the best experiences from the game.

Parents you are key to to helping us achieve this for your children.  Help us to provide a positive experience for your children by encouraging them and focusing on a development environment.

Sporting parents are critical!  Hear from top coach Wayne Goldsmoth on the key role that parents play

Balance is better

We’re losing young people from sport, and they are missing out of the opportunity to be physically active and reach their full potential.

Wellington Sofball supports the Balance is Better philosophy.  The philosophy focuses on why young people play sport – to have fun, be challenged, develop and improve, be part of a team or group, and enjoy time with friends.

There are a number of adult behaviours affecting youth sport. The Balance is Better philosophy pushes back against these.



What can we do to help?

Help us to create a development rather than a performance environment. 

What is a development environment?

  • Focus on effort and improvement, emphasis is on getting better - accepts mistakes as they enable learning. Recognises effort.

  • Everyone matters - regardless of ability. A sense of belonging and support is grown.

  • The kids share control and are given time to correct their own mistakes.

  • Play is used to develop fundamental movement skills; a variety of sporting experiences are encouraged.